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Taking Comfort Together At TCO.

To all of our Friends & Family around the World,

Now is a time where there is a lot of anxiety and stress. With the COVID-19 top of mind, I want to reach out and let you know that while you might be changing your lifestyle or even socially distancing yourselves, you are always welcome in the Cullen home.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen has been working around the clock making sure that he is taking care of the community in Forks.

As the Cullens are not at risk of sicknesses like…


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Alice's Style File: Girls Love Pearls.

Pearls are a fashion accessory staple in my wardrobe. They can add a simple, sophistaicated accent to any ensemble.

Here are some of my favorite and versatile ways to adorn yourself in pearls.…


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2020 Not Starting Off good

My grandmother's boyfriend who i am close to passed away the other day..He had cancer before but beat it,Than it came back again with a vengeance.He had a stroke.We thought his cancer was stable.Instead of taking care of his cancer & giving him treatment.They Were to worried about his stroke(Which paralyzed him on his left side)We think that he passed cause of his cancer spreading.Instead of them stabilizing it.All in all..I am sad to see him go..I am really going to miss…


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2020 Vision.

As we bid adieu to 2019 and usher in 2020 we are given a chance to honor our past, live in our present and anticipate our future. 

When I look back on 2019, I am grateful for Jasper, my Family and my Friends. We have surrounded one another with love and support. 

Living in the present is always a struggle for everyone..we tend to get stuck in our past or focus entirely on hoping for the future. As we are stuck in the past and dreaming of the future, we neglect…


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Alice's Style File: Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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My friend wants to sue the monster Energy Drink company

#1 you can't sue monster energy drink company..Your the one who was buying them for your nephew.That is why he is in the hospital throwing up blood from bleeding ulcers.Who's fault is that?Not the Company's fault.If you take that company to court,The judge will just laugh you & tell you the same thing that i am saying right now.It's your fault for buying them for your 15 year old nephew.Get real..Seriously!!!

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Lost & Found.

I look around as my family gathers in the living room. The sounds of laughter, the feeling of warmth and a comfort that fills every corner of our home and fills my heart completely. 

Though moments like these feel secure and eternal, I still remember my time before Jasper, before the Cullens. A time where I only had myself to rely on. I can remember a time when I felt like it was me against the world and though I had vision that someday Jasper and I would unite and find the…


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Alice's Style File: Mad About Plaid

As Fall transitions us into colder weather, a cozy style staple comes back in vogue every year that not only provides warmth but also gives a visual flair to the colder months ahead. 

Plaid has been a cold weather staple since it's birth in the 19th century and each year, honoring it's simple yet complex pattern, society gives it a modern spin. 

Here is debuting the latest plaid from the runways to give you an overview of the savviest ways to wear plaid as well…


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Branching Out.

Looking in the mirror, I notice the smooth contours of my skin. Virtually no signs of aging appearing. Time is moving on and yet, it does not show. 

There is something to be said about maturing, growing and learning new things as a mature woman while still looking outwardly as though you have so much to learn and experience. As the people you interact with offer words of wisdom and advice to help you navigate this adult world. Little do they know that I could offer lifetimes…


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Alice's Style File: Best Summer Hats 2019

It's officially Summertime which means that everyone, human and vampire alike are searching for moments to offer shade to their faces from the hot Summer sun. 

This offers up the most amazing excuse to break out and enjoy summer hats! Here are my top picks for Summer hat styles for 2019! …


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If there is anything that defines me, besides an incredible eye for fashion of fun. Even in the darkest of times, I try to find the fun in everything. 

If you are having fun in everything you do, it becomes contagious to everyone around you..especially if there is an empath like Jasper around you! 

So, take your day today..what is it like? Is it naturally fun or does the fun seem a little more hidden and harder to reach? If the fun in your day is…


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Alice's Style File: Basic & Timeless Summer Fashion.

I have been a fan of  basic and timeless pieces for a while.  The current spring/summer collection is beautiful: I love the dusty pink and brown tones! A style that is a cross between Scandinavian simplicity and French chic, resulting in basic elegant and casual fashion. Here are a few of my favorites. …


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My Story Of My Thoughts

I am going to tell you a little story.This girl met this guy through friends.Started dating him.After 1 year,Moved in with him & his family.She was in her 20's almost 30's.The guy was in his 20's.His father was sometimes a bully & if she didn't do chores she would get her computer taken away.When she was on her computer she was only allowed on it until the father came home from work & than she had to get off it.She was told mean things like"The only reason why your here is…


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I sit here, looking out from our back porch noticing the simplest things. 

The sound of the breeze passing by, birds chirping, leaves is made up of all of these small and simple moments that all add up to the overall big picture that is life. 

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in minor things in our daily lives that hinder us from truly moving forward and enjoying all that our lives have to offer. There is literal beauty surrounding us, even…


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Alice's Style File: Stormy Weather Must Haves

In Forks, we are always prepared for a rain storm. This time of year however, so many of our friends and family around the world experience a higher volume of rain than usual. 

Here are some must have items to keep you looking sharp and dry in the rainy seasons. 




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Merry Christmas To Everyone.

My Christmas was okay i guess.I got a lot of presents.My aunt came down to visit,.When i came to visit her and my grandparents..They acted like they didn't even want me there.(My Aunt is at my mom's mom and dad's house)I thought that was kind of rude.At least i got my other grandmother(My dad's mom)Who i am closer to than my mom's mom & dad)She does more for me & my other half.Thinking about it,Makes me want to cry.I am a soldier.Got to be strong.I use to be close to them when i was…


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Good Tidings Of Comfort & Joy

As another Holiday approaches, I can’t help but reflect on how grateful I am that I have another year after so many years that I am surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family. 

Yes, I know that I do have a tendency to be carried away with trimming the trees and of course, Holiday shopping is pretty much my Olympic Sport each season. Beyond the lights and twinkle however, there is a feeling of warmth that only love can bring you. 

Every year, no matter if…


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Alice's Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Happy Holidays Friends & Family! 

Here are some of my favorite gifts to give for 2018! Happy Gifting! xoxo

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more details

if you want more details about my first 2 blog posts email me at or contact me on twitter at @Elise42609285 . You can also comment on my posts if you want more info

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i met jane and alec for real in my backyard last night at 9:00 p.m. I am now one of them want to know all the details comment below

Added by Elise Mason on November 6, 2018 at 1:27pm — 1 Comment

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