I am going to take you on a personal tour of my personal chambers.

First stop is my sitting room. This is the place where I like to sit and read or listen to music when I am not out of the castke on fishing trips.

Moving on to the bedroom. Sometimes I like to sit in here and read and I know that I won't be disturbed.

I am giving you a sneak peak into my closet. I have a very good fashion sense. I adore buying new clothes. I have to look good. -winks-

Moving on to my bathroom. I adore this room. You will find me in here after returning from fishing trips.

At certain times of the day and night you will find me here. From here I orchestrate elaborate ploys to bring human victims to Volterra for the sustenance of the coven. -smirks evily-

Last stop on the tour is my balcony. When the sun has gone down I like to stand or sit out here and relax.

And that concludes the tour. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my chambers.

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WOW can I please know why you have an amazing room and i get a room where it smells like dead rats.


We all have free reign on styling our chambers.

Greetings Heidi,

You have most lovely chambers and they look very relaxing.

Regards, Lady Athenodora

Thank you Mistress. 

You are most welcome

Regards, Lady Athenodora

Spoiled Rotten, if I may add.

Your room reminds me that of a queens... then againeveryone's room is truly exquisite



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