Sometimes I hear people saying they are bored on site, which is too bad because there is so much to do on our site. Next time you're feeling bored - try one of these:

-Update your page theme
-Comment on a character's profile
-Invite your friends
-Add a new discussion to your group
-Read new blogs
-Start or join an existing a group 
-Add a new discussion to your group
-Say hello to new members
-Read new blogs
-Write a blog to share
-Follow more of our family on Twitter
-Apply to be a family member
-Upload your photos
-Rate and comment on others' photos
-Read what's new in the forumsforums
-Start your own discussion in the "Have Your SayHave Your Say" forum
-Join us in the chat room

Then, and only then, do I want to hear that you're bored.

Oh, and if there's something YOU particularly enjoy doing on site that I've left out, please share it with us here.

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I really like this!! I'm constantly discovering more and more things to do on here! Thanks for posting this Edward
Yes edward your shortlist is more than enough! :D
I'm loving this site and I think I'll have the same obsession as that with Twilight aww..
Thanks for creating this Ü cool u!
And I've learned a lot about being "good" because of your sweet reprimandings..I needed them anyway Ü
Keep safe!

cool thx
Get it,thanks!
honestly I am enjoying the interaction outside of my family!!
I have an idea for fan fiction. How do I go about telling others about it?
I love this site! I do not know why anyone would find it boring :)
yeah right! \m/
...i dEEply enjoyEd viEwinG this sitE! nothin t0 gEt borEd with! yay!
this site is great!!!
I love this site. It is like my own little soap opera about my favorite book series characters. I enjoy keeping track of all the Cullens!
I am not sure where to post this but I was wondering if Nessie could get sick seeing as she is half human and seems to have functioning body systems. It would be a really cool story to explore because we haven't seen Carlisle's medical skills since Bella was pregnant.



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