Out of character moments, horrifying story line excerpts and other tweet madness.

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From an Alice, edited for language and names changed to protect the crazy:

@VampireJames I am *not* your sister. Esme may want to help "rehabilitate" you but so far she's it. So back off, f---er
By an Alice:
@arandom she said lance armstrong was never on the moon

@arandom opps, i meant neil. sorry it's like 230am and i get confused with all the armstrongs
@just_edward @CarlisleSCullen i think you're more of a pre-pants genre of clothing. oldy mcloincloth
i thought names would be changed to protect the innocent!!
Oldie McLoincloth?! MAJOR fail!
wahhahahaha! oh geez laughing at 12 midnight wakin up my senses! hahaha
that's why I was sooo glad when @just_edward placed trademarks on all TCO characters pics cos I really hate those copycats!
OMG this is sooo hilarious!!
i supposed that was the copycat esme that I blocked few weeks ago..
that girl is lunatic! hahaha.. big time

nothing and nobody compares to TCO/TCO characters

oh dear Lord. my head's exploding!!! i cant understand them!! sooking?? really??? hilarious!!!
the use of the word pony for the not-so-good to know words sounds so innocent and funny!:D
wow.. what is Eddie doing? :D *giggles*
ROFL ♥♥♥



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