Photoshop disasters and other pic fails.

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that one's and isulte to Esme and Carlisle, Kate is a controll freak and John is well, how be and my sister but it a Richard
Wow the picture of Esme & Carlisle, what can I say. I think I am going to have to agree with Mallory.
Oh wow..
I just had a heart atack!!

This is very disturbing, but at the same time hilarious.
I'm sorry about this picture, I didn't notice the profanity in it when i found it. I am going to make a more appropriate version of this and put on later. Once again I'm very sorry.
For this one though just of them...makes me want to smack their heads together just because they got that close. *laughs* I know sorry Edward, sorry Jake.
i love this :DD
If that were black lengerie I'd be thinking of Dr. Frank N Furter. HAHA
OMG these are bad
Okay i have to admit i LOVE the last one! :D 5 seconds later nicee!!!



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