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It's kinda crapish..... But, it IS my first FanFic. So please, tell me what ya think!
Awesome Job Destiny!
It's not crap at all..I do have 1 teensy request & please dont hate me :(
Please find diff words to use other than "fudge" & "dwyer" they sound for a vampire to say. Even a classy vamp will say "Damn" in certain circumstances or find another word to say that is not a silly replacement word.
Other than that please please please please finish, I am dyingto see what happens to Hope!
LOL just replaced that chapter. O.o My writing styles have changed so much over the last few months. I have issues like that. But anywho, I really SHOULD update... Been more focused on my other FanFic actually... -.- my first one is after all these years.

after all these years is my first fanfic, tell me watcha think?

could it be forever is another, its only 1 chappie. just started it.

thanks! <3 reviewws? r4r?
what we need to get this going
what clueless me lol again what
FanFic: Work in Progress what need help

I'm working on chapter two at the moment. Let me know if it's a lost cause! :)


Title: Volturi a secret weapon

About:Things in the Vampire world are hitting a new edge. People are questioning the Volturi's abilies to supstain peace. Aro's found a way though to break through, Perdura a girl that shows the same talent alec and Jane once did.


It's my first Twilight fan fic. so reviews would be AWESOME!



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